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  • FormFunction - Sunday 7 December 2008 09:43
    Cute teenager with lovely chest.
  • Look\'em\'over - Monday 30 March 2009 00:42
    Nice firm teenager. Loose the sarong.
  • 111568 - Saturday 13 February 2010 08:24
    Vivid imagination....It was the summer after 11th grade and Dad decided to introduce Heather to the wonderful world of clothing optional recreation...with the kicker being, clothes WEREN'T an option. Mortified, Heather is paraded out to the singer/songwriter contest where she pleads, "Oh god, nobody's ever seen my breasts besides my boyfriend, and I wasn't walking around bouncing. I don't want to stand here singing wearing only a sarong." Sorry kiddo, this is a nude vaction and I want you to amuse these total strangers. The only song Heather could think of was from her innocent childhood, "Twinkle Twinkle,little star", when she suddenly felt a draft waft through her moose-like hips and thighs...
  • 111568 - Sunday 21 March 2010 20:52
    I love how this teenage girl is blushing. I'm just guessing here, but I think it's because she's being paraded about with her breasts exposed!
  • mal - Monday 22 March 2010 13:11
    What is it with you and this sick kick you get out of the ritual humiliation of children?
  • 111568 - Saturday 10 April 2010 23:20
    I wouldn't go as far as to say I get a "sick kick out of the ritual humiliation of children". No "child" has breasts like hers.
  • mal - Wednesday 14 April 2010 19:24
    “No child has breasts like hers” The classic defence from the paedophile. Stop trying to justify this sick kick you get out of the ritual humiliation of children. You are pathetic
  • 111568 - Saturday 22 May 2010 02:23
    Any girl's proudest moment.

    Led around topless, counting the moments before the sarong is history.
  • 111568 - Monday 31 May 2010 20:16
    You don't really think she was dragged to this place and forcibly disrobed do you? She's just experiencing a moment of stage fright. The kind of stage fright every teenage girl experiences when she's being led around topless praying to god she can keep her butt, hips and holy of holies covered by a sarong.
  • mal - Monday 31 May 2010 23:14
    You truly pathetic paedophile
  • feeling the draft - Saturday 28 August 2010 13:03
    Nice to see this one trotted out topless, blushing with embarrassment.
  • mal - Sunday 29 August 2010 15:15
    111568. Changed your pseudonym? You're still a pathetic paedophile.
  • family fun - Wednesday 1 September 2010 08:07
    Parents aren't perfect. I'm sure he's run out of ideas: 6 Flags over Atlanta. Six Flags over Georgia, Six Flags over Texas, Six Flags Magic Mountain. Knott's Berry Farm was a fiasco. So he decided that 15 or so was the perfect age for a kid to try out clothing optional recreation, only without the option.

    On one hand, Heather is beside herself with embarrassment. On the other, she's got spectacular tits.
  • family fun - Friday 1 October 2010 06:44
    The moment she was dreading: About to sing "God Bless America" with her tits showing. "I don't want to sing in just a sarong".
  • talent scout - Friday 5 November 2010 10:14
    You have to wonder why everybody seems to dislike my comments here, but she's clearly blushing. Let's face it, she's asking "Don't make me go up and sing wearing only a sarong."
  • Nudist Mom - Friday 5 November 2010 21:28
    Talent Scout, your remarks-"You have to wonder why everybody seems to dislike my comments here, but she's clearly blushing. Let's face it, she's asking "Don't make me go up and sing wearing only a sarong."

    Unfairly question the motivation of this young lady's father. My husband and I have raised two daughters and a son as naturists and, just as what religion or political party affiliation a child grows up in, naturism isn't a matter of choice. The idea is to bring up a child in this healthy lifestyle from the time s/he is old enough to walk, run, build sand castles and otherwise socialize with other kids. By the time they reach puberty, they've already grown accustomed to the gender differences of men/boys and women/girls and have seen older kids going trough puberty.

    In this case, the young lady may be getting introduced to this lifestyle at apparently age 16 or 17, but her father knows that as she sees that there is nothing sexual about nudism, she will adjust properly. The contest clearly requires all participants to be nude and of course she had to take the sarong off. But don't make fun of the fact that she was embarrassed about her breasts in this picture, it's not like some attempt to humiliate her.

    My only problem is that the observers were allowed to be clothed, making me wonder what their motivation is in being at a nudist resort. Their presence could clearly make this poor girl's introduction to nudism feel like some form of exploitation. She's not a stripper, she's a lovely teenager who needs to submit to her parents' decision that she be nude on a nude beach. Not a strip club.
  • Sunny Funny - Monday 3 January 2011 22:17
    This girl isn't a happy nudist; her dad is leading her around topless and she's blushing bashfully. Still, she's got great tits so I can't imagine why she's so ashamed.
  • Sadistic - Saturday 29 January 2011 22:04
    I love this blushing girl's misfortune: The shame of being paraded topless. Great tits!
  • Sadistic - Saturday 29 January 2011 22:22
    I bet this teenage girl would love to have one of those strict fathers who say, "You're not going out dressed like THAT, are you?!".

    This poor girl has a nudist father. The kind that seems oblivious to her humiliation as he parades her around topless. I'm thinking her blushing might have to do with her bare breasts!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!
  • 111568 - Sunday 13 March 2011 18:57
    Daddy, do I really have to be topless? My br...br...breasts are private (sob) do I have to sing wearing only a sarong in front of everybody?
  • 111568 - Sunday 27 March 2011 20:11
    Nice breasts, love how she's blushing as her (presumably) father leads her around.
  • 111568 - Saturday 2 April 2011 19:35
    What is it with you and this sick kick you get out of the ritual humiliation of children?

    Oh, come on, teens today need to be taken down a peg. Her nudist father has decided that she needs to get over her modesty and show off those lovely tits of hers.
  • ShowHerOff - Saturday 21 May 2011 03:12
    Oh, daddy, everybody's looking at my breasts, please let me keep my sarong on, the shame is too much to bear.
  • ShowHerOff - Friday 3 June 2011 17:40
    " ; Papa, je ne veux pas chanter devant tout le monde qui utilise seulement un sarong. I don' ; t veulent que ces personnes voient mon breasts."
  • ShowHerOff - Friday 3 June 2011 17:54
    Who thinks this girl is a "nudist"? Not me, because she's blushing like she's used to having her tits covered when she goes to the beach. I think the nekid guy holding her right arm is her father. It's the parents' choice to take their kids to a nude beach and even if daughters at the age where they're developing breasts, it's the parents' decision to have them show their breasts and everything else in a non-sexual atmosphere. The only injustice is that some of the people she's having to show her breasts to have their own clothes on.
  • ShowHerOff - Monday 6 June 2011 20:28
    "No, Daddy, this is too embarrassing. I don't like people seeing my breasts. Please....don't make me go up there and sing wearing only this sarong!"
  • ShowHerOff - Friday 1 July 2011 06:50
    Heather had never been topless in public before, and realized she was jiggling as her nudist father trotted her out like a show pony. She blushed at her bare-breasted debut, pleading with her daddy, "I don't want to go up there and sing, wearing only this sarong."
  • ShowHerOff - Tuesday 5 July 2011 03:43
    Painfully self-conscious of her firm adolescent breasts, Heather was mortified that her father had taken upon himself to enter her in a Teen Talent Contest. "Please don't enter me in the Teen Talent Contest when all I'm wearing is this sarong. I don't want all of these boys and men to look at me topless", see pleaded.
  • ShowHerOff - Sunday 10 July 2011 01:23
    Heather wanted to cover her breasts, but her father pulled her right arm away telling her, "This is a nude beach!" So she asked if she could forfeit the talent show: "I don't want to be in front of all of these people wearing only this sarong".
  • ShowHerOff - Thursday 4 August 2011 20:11
    I love this teenager's blushing. "Do I have to sing in front of everybody wearing only this sarong?"
  • ShowHerOff - Thursday 4 August 2011 20:13
    "Do I have to sing in front of everybody wearing only this sarong?"
  • ShowHerOff - Sunday 7 August 2011 08:53
    Painfully aware of her full, firm adolescent breasts, Heather was hopping she wasn't going to have to go through with the audition. "Please, daddy, don't make me stand there wearing only my sarong!!!!"
  • Like \'em embarrassed - Tuesday 6 September 2011 22:25
    Daddy, I don't like people seeing my breasts, please don't make me go up there and sing wearing only this sarong.
  • Like \'em embarrassed - Friday 9 September 2011 18:53
    This summer, Heather's father announced that since he and her mother were nudists, Heather was now also a "nudist". Blushing with embarrassment, poor bare-breasted Heather was then informed she'd be singing in a nudist talent show. "Talent Show?" she thought. "More like a 'show everybody how far into puberty you are' show." She pleaded with her father, "Please don't make me go up in front of everybody wearing only this sarong, I can't cross my arms and hold a microphone".
  • Like \'em embarrassed - Friday 30 September 2011 16:11
    At this point, Heather is telling her Dad, "I'm really embarrassed. Don't make me go up there wearing only this sarong?"

    Too bad if she's embarrassed, if Dad says, "Show your boobs", you show your boobs.
  • Like \'em embarrassed - Thursday 13 October 2011 16:28
    "Oh, Daddy, I don't want all these people to see my breasts. Please don't make me go up there and sing with only a sarong around my waist."
  • Like \'em embarrassed - Friday 4 November 2011 15:17
    I'm not comfortable with everybody seeing my breasts. Do I have to stand there singing with only my sarong on?
  • Like \'em embarrassed - Tuesday 8 November 2011 15:49
    Heather is blushing with humility because her nudist daddy is parading her around topless! Plus, he's informed her that she will be singing in a Naked Talent Show. "Do I HAVE to sing in front of everybody wearing only my sarong? I don't like people being able to look at my breasts", she pleaded.
  • Like \'em embarrassed - Friday 11 November 2011 21:15
    "Some pretty uncomfortable comments here."

    "Singing contest? Look, daddy, I know you and mom were hippies and this whole naturism thing is kinda your scene, but I'm really uncomfortable being topless right now.Do I really have to there singing wearing only a sarong and everybody seeing my breasts?"
  • Thecoolnudegal - Tuesday 22 November 2011 05:08
    Uh-oh.It seems the pic I wanted to link got messed up,or something.Could a moderator delete the comment above.Im sorry!!
  • Like \'em embarrassed - Wednesday 28 December 2011 21:17
    Do I HAVE to stand there and sing wearing only this sarong? I don't want all these people looking at my breasts.
  • Nudists Never Blind - Thursday 19 January 2012 00:30
    @nudeguy1964 This child is blushing as she's led around topless by her nudist father. I bet she's asking not to have to sing in front of everybody wearing only that sarong.
  • Nudists Never Blind - Monday 30 January 2012 23:59
    Please don't make me go up there and sing wearing only my sarong. I don't want them to stare at my breasts.
  • Muppet Show - Tuesday 7 February 2012 14:05
    Look at her blushing shame. "Please don't make me go up there and sing wearing only this sarong. I don't want these people looking at my bare breasts."
  • Muppet Show - Tuesday 6 March 2012 18:29
    "Why did you enter me in this contest?! I don't want all these people seeing my breasts. Don't make me go up there and sing with only this sarong on, I'm not comfortable..."
  • bob11 - Wednesday 7 March 2012 08:12
    we get to see the business in the next pic btw JUST STOP
  • admin12 - Friday 22 June 2012 07:24
    hot - google her http://www.google.com/
  • Muppet Show - Saturday 21 July 2012 13:17
    "I'm really shy about people seeing my breasts...Do I HAVE to go up there and sing wearing only this sarong?"
  • Everwild - Sunday 30 September 2012 00:17
    So awesome!! Is there more of Heather than these two pictures? Maybe a video that shows her crying? Everyone is taunting her for pleading that she not be made to sing "wearing only a sarong"; how do we know she said that? How do we even know her name is Heather? Please tell me there's something else to be seen! I absolutely ADORE the poor kid's shame and humiliation in these pictures. Would love to see her suffering even more!!

    Amazing tits, Heather!
  • bob11 - Sunday 30 September 2012 02:40
    she really has amazing titties