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  • Learning About Puberty. - Monday 2 June 2008 23:48
    Below is this same boy, here on the couch with his "private" parts hanging free of both the furniture and his legs.

    Face of a choir boy by stark contrast.
  • I hate bad "Guest" - Sunday 8 June 2008 14:46
    dorable petite

    another guest - Sunday 08 June 2008 14:20

    Hi "guest". Is it really necessary to give comments on EVRY(!) picture you are viewing? You seem to have a big ego problem, too much time or a mentional disease.

    You are right about this one "guest" s/he puts little, one-or-two word remarks by each jpeg and spams the site. "Delightful" was a while back, Followed by "Exhilerate" and "Love".

    The only thing I was thinking was that this person was trying to move comments by other guests way back into the backlog, because they were not making "loving" remarks, but rather critiquing teenager's bodies down to the last freckle. So you'd get three "Lots of pubes", "big penis for so young" "small pre-teen breasts" and then 20 "Delightful"s. Let the webmaster take the mean comments down, guest, and quit using the backlog to hide them

    Hey, spam-"guest"...that boy in the middle is just sort of hanging his big penis off the couch!!!!!!!
  • I hate bad "Guest" - Sunday 8 June 2008 14:54
    petit dorable un autre invité - dimanche 8 juin 2008 14:20 Salut " ; guest" ;. Est il vraiment nécessaire pour donner des commentaires sur EVRY (!) image que vous regardez ? Vous semblez avoir un grand problème de moi, trop d'heure ou une maladie de mentional. Vous avez raison au sujet de ce un " ; guest" ; il met peu, un-ou-deux le mot remarque par chaque JPEG et spams l'emplacement. " ; Delightful" ; était un dos de moment, suivi du " ; Exhilerate" ; et " ; Love" ;. La seule chose que je pensais était que cette personne essayait de déplacer des commentaires par l'autre manière d'invités de nouveau dans l'arriéré, parce qu'ils ne faisaient pas le " ; loving" ; remarques, mais teenager' critiquing plutôt ; corps de s vers le bas à la dernière tache de rousseur. Ainsi you' ; d obtiennent à trois le " ; Un bon nombre de pubes" ; , " ; grand pénis pour ainsi le young" ; " ; petit breasts" de la préadolescence ; et puis " 20 ; Delightful" ; s. Laissez le webmaster prendre les commentaires moyens vers le bas, l'invité, et stoppez employer l'arriéré pour les cacher Hé, Spam-" ; guest" ; … ce garçon au milieu est juste sorte d'accrocher son grand pénis outre du divan ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • 111568 - Saturday 13 February 2010 08:40
    The second boy from the left has clearly embraced the concept of nudism. He might still be a kid, but he's barely got his butt son the sofa and his "down below" is giving Lynn the business. Modesty FAIL!
  • antonpold - Monday 5 March 2012 15:17
    This is one of my favourite pictures. I wonder, how lonely girl is feeling so comfortable among the boys.
  • antonpold - Thursday 28 June 2012 14:47
    Here is fantasy story based on this picture.
    Boy asking girl: "Are you coming today, we have here lot of fun?"
    Girl: "Who else are there?"
    Boy: "Unfortunately only eight boys and no girls. Maybe you have not courage to come naked, because you are lonely? And you are only 13, boys are mainly older."
    Girl: "Oh! What a nice party! Surely I am coming!"
    Girls comments after evening: "You don't know, what excellent time I had today! I was at Tom's place, there were only boys and I was lone naked girl. All the attention was only on me! When they invites me next time, I hope, there will be more boys! But don't say anything to other girls, I love to be only one naked among boys! This is like heaven!"
  • antonpold - Saturday 4 August 2012 20:34
    @ Nacktfreund: This picture is better – five boys and one girl. More erotic.
  • bob11 - Sunday 5 August 2012 03:19
    lucky fellas
  • antonpold - Thursday 27 September 2012 10:49
    @bob 11: But seems, that girl is lucky.
  • bob11 - Thursday 27 September 2012 23:02
    @ antonpold

  • antonpold - Friday 28 September 2012 11:25
    @bob 11: I dont know, how, but look girls attitude, she is apparently happy.
  • bob11 - Friday 28 September 2012 17:34
    @ antonpold maybe shes a whore ;)
  • Muppet Show - Saturday 29 September 2012 01:12
    That kid in the middle doesn't seem to mind letting those oversize privates hang off the sofa.
  • bob11 - Saturday 29 September 2012 18:26
    my penis is not as long but much ticker